Alfred converted an expensive part, once believed to be only producible by using the machining process, into a part produced using a hybrid stamping and machining process.


Major international residential window and door company.


Company’s main hinged patio door product line used a custom precision aluminum door hinge that was very expensive to produce.


Aluminum door hinge was engineered as a machined part with aerospace precision features. This process was very expensive with a limited capable yield.


This product had always been produced using expensive CNC machines capable of yielding 600 parts per eight-hour shift.


Alfred had been contracted to machine these parts. Being an expert stamping supplier Alfred’s “Manufacturability” engineers to collaborate. Together, Alfred’s machining experts and Alfred’s metal stamping experts developed a hybrid stamping/machining solution that allowed productivity to increase 10X to 6,000 parts per eight-hour shift while improving consistency and quality.


Production through-put was no longer constrained. Significant cost savings were passed along to Alfred’s customer to the tune of over $1,000,000 annually.