Alfred Manufacturing Corporation’s Engineering Services enables AMC to provide design solutions and processes that address your needs from cradle to grave.  Our product development capabilities range from simple to very complex; from a simple part to a highly sophisticated system.  Our in-house staff provides the execution phase of your project based on continuous collaborative, synergistic integration of engineering and manufacturing expertise.

Engineering is a discipline that takes group think such as product specification or a given problem, and subsets the issues into specialized buckets to achieve your desired target.  To accomplish this we:

  • Address the situation, process, design or condition as a project that is broken down and analyzed.
  • Determine root cause, condition, goal or set of goals to isolate and target  a solution to achieve the identified target based on evaluated solutions, risks, alternatives and opportunities that have an effect on that target.
  • Develop and detail a plan of action to address the selected solution. follow a detailed plan to assure robust quality and follow a process of monitoring for continuous improvement.

Usually doing this requires a large staff with in-depth expertise and specialties. AMC’s Engineering Service provides all of this by having both a dedicated staff of in-house experts and a contracted stable of specialties